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Bartlett, IL

There's only one way to earn a Run hoodie - become a fundraiser!

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From grants for teachers and staff to scholarships for our graduating seniors, the U-46 Educational Foundation is working every day to create educational opportunities for U-46 students!

But we cannot do it without you.  

Your support is the key to funding innovative programs in our schools that benefit all of the students in our District.   

Please help us today by signing up as a fundraiser for Run For U-46!

Individuals who raise $100 or more will receive this year's exclusive Run For U-46 hooded sweatshirt.  This is the only way to get the hoodie!  

Teams who raise $100 or more per team member (i.e. a five-person team raises at least $500) get a
hoodie for everyone on their team.  Plus, the highest-earning team will receive a trophy and prizes!


Top Individuals

Kyle Bunker $839.24
daniellethieman $448.32
Stephanie Hopkins $272.85
jtsoto24 $118.62
Melissa Kaplan $10.96

Top Teams

Run Bartlett Run $1,203.47
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